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Svaern D'Rahng

Lord of Bloodstone

Svaern D'Rahng

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Svaern D'Rahng

Lord of Bloodstone


Svaern D'Rahng, is an immense black skinned (human)  man,

 a moor actually, standing well over 6 ft tall, he is lean but

muscular and well conditioned.(246 lbs 6' 6" )  He is dressed

 in simple fighting garb, and gleaming Mithril plate mail. The

chest plate is polished to a mirror like shine and is emblazoned

 with his crest, The Crest is a black Fist, symbol of power for

 the Warrior God Ahira, over two crossed swords on a red

background, there are runes below the fist in a tongue that

is foreign to you. His ebony skin and hawkish nose stand out,

 but it is the fierce steel blue eyes that are his most striking

 feature. They are sharp and full of intelligence and you feel their

heat burn through your soul



 Body Stats


246 lbs

Black Hair

Shaven high above his ears

Blue Eyes

Black Skin



Svaern's Details
Combat Stats

The Lord's Resume
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War in Bloodstone

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Celestial Fury

Sword of the Gods