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Robert D'Bruce III


Robert DíBruce III

Human Crusader

17 yrs old

Level 3

Robert DíBruce III was born to a modest family in the mountain city of Kensington, where the holy avatar of Ahira likes to hold court here in Fareun and sitting on the ruling chair he enjoys the better things a mortal life can bring. It has been this way for generations as the following of Ahira grew quietly keeping the balance between Tyr and Tempus, his patrons.  The way of life in the Gods city here in the material is based much like the one he holds in planes. True to his measured approach, Ahira's home in the planes is based on a true military chain of command with Ahira himself as the Commander in Chief, always making time for holding tourneys and most especially the most favored activity.... War Games!!

Robert D'Bruce IIIís life was not was not much like his fatherís, who was a fair leather worker as well as a decent blacksmith, but these trades did not inspire much in the younger D'Bruce and he instead spent much of his time down at the training fields watching the soldiers honing their skills and mastering their swordsmanship. Because of his fathers trade and his grand fathers stature, (he basically saved the Lord Ahiraís ass in the field one day). He subsequently awarded upon the eldest Robert D'Bruce a knightly title and his own land in a wonderfully lush green spot along the river, where he resides still, and where the youngest D'Bruce spent an ample amount of time as well. The old man taught Robert to read and write and cook his own dinner dishes and all, cleanliness must be ones best friend, his grand father used to say regularly. During this time, about a year in all, the young man was expected to strap on scabbard and sword and wear them through his language, history, reading and writing, and of course the cooking and cleaning. There were times when young Robert remembers wondering if his grandfather would be just as happy with a young maid to do his bidding for him and to let him un-strap the sword he'd been carrying around and have a go at something...anything. Robert III carried that heavy sword strapped over his shoulder with an ugly looking piece of metal sticking out the end for nearly a full year when finally, while in the barn one day, Robert  was smacked in the back of his head with a mushy tomato.  Shaking his head to remove the tomato, Robert turned around to see his Grandfather laughing from the far side of the barn with a basket of tomatoes and a gleam in his eye,..."Protect yourself lad!" said the elder Robert as he made ready to throw another tomato, it mushed right into the space between Robert's eyes and he started to stalk over to his grandfather. "Whoa young man," (Robert stopped short)..."Get ye back to where you were near that binding wheel"...Doing as he was told, Robert walked back to whence he came." Now, do ye see that loose noose of rope on the floor that is also attached to the wheel?", nodding Robert  stooped to pick it up, back to the old man, and whack! Another, not so ripe tomato slapped into his arse with an awful sting. Laughing the old man called down, "Never turn your back to your enemy". Robert tried to speak.. "But, Gramp...."He never finished the words as the next tomato thrown was at his head again and by turning his face away, Robert moved just out of the way of the flying veggie. Not laughing now, his grandfather said.. "Excellent young man!!  Now take that noose and slip your foot into it. You may move only as far as rope will allow you" young Robert did as he was bid and began trying to dodge flying garden fruit all the while Robert's grandfather calling out advice and direction and giving some praise when it was called for, and thus the training had begun. When Robert  took the sword from the sheath the following day, it was almost a year to the day that he had been wearing it daily and oiling and caring for it each night, but never swinging it at all, Robert thought he new every bit of the weapon, having cared for it so long, but he was surprised at how front heavy it was, and how unbalanced it seemed. Anytime he started to complain about it, his grandfather cut him short instead calling it.....'operator malfunction'...what the Hell did that mean, Robert  wondered. And so they spent that spring and thru most of the summer, playing little games with the heavy training sword to keep the boy interested, but that was never much of a problem, when he wasnít at his grandfathers estate, or working on some secret leather project at his fathers shop, he would spend hours watching the men of Kensington Battlegroup going through their daily swordplay, he marveled at their skills and he even asked one of them one day why they spent so many hours at sword work when they were already so good and the man he asked smiled down on him as he tussled Roberts golden curls as he said, "It is in honor to our Lord, Master of Battles that we keep our sword arms ready at all times", as the man walked away  a troop of men fell in lock step around him as they walked away across the tourney field, it was only then that young Robert  realized that he had just spoken to the Lord Ahira himself and just about passed out in excitement (Ahiraís Avatar sits on the throne there much of the time) and Robert III ran to tell his grandfather about the day. As the summer faded into early fall and the winds began to pick up, Robert and his grandfather decided to take a walk thru the market place, Robert had just turned 10 summers and had some 15 silver saved and stored in his boot. The day was nice and quiet and brisk, with little to no wind, an almost perfect day. On their walk, they came upon the great forge and saw a huge black skinned man working on a sword, heating and folding the steel in upon itself and as he did, Robert could see that 1/3 of the folds were of some green tinted steel, Robert watched the black skinned man with wonder in his eyes and when the man placed the sword back in the forge to heat, (he bade a young slave to push the billows) As Robert looked around at all the wonders in the forge, his eyes landed on a long bladed sword with a single edge, an ivory hilt and handle were fitted in with precision and it had no sheath that Robert could see. The man asked what Robert was looking at and he immediately pointed at the unfinished sword. The big man said in a deep voice and a flash of engaging blue eyes, "Oh that, I gave up on her, I felt she didnít call to me, and so I gave her up and started again, why?...Does she call to you boy?..Tell the truth now boy. The elder Robert gave him a silent kick in the leg and, with a shaky voice he replied, Y'yes Sir, I think it does"....Robert blushed deeply. The big man smiled at the blushing young D'Bruce standing there before him, (yes, he recognized the elder D'Bruce from his heroic stories). "Well now", the black man said, "Iím not much of a weapon smith, so you may regret her later, BUT....if you feel the call of the blade, then who am I to say you may not be able to bring out the best in her. You must promise me this however..."....Robert nodded furiously  "AnythingĒ He croaked.  "You must personally finish the engravings and get a proper sheath for her...Ē Robert jumped in." I have one for her, I have been working on a sheath for months at my fathers leather shop, I donít know what made me start the project, but now I can see, it will hold her nicelyĒ. The boy grinned from ear to ear. "See here then boy" and he leaned in close as he spoke, .."You hold her, love her and keep her as your first true love, and she will protect you your life though, give of yourself to her and she will give all of herself for you, would you like to hold her now?" Nodding over and over, Robert took the blade and the ivory seemed to meld into the creases of his skin, even though it was too big for him yet, the balance even now was exceptional. The eldest D'Bruce opened his purse to buy the boy the blade but the smith would hear nothing of it, saying only "A man must buy his own blade".  A look of sheer terror crossed slowly over Roberts face, he bent a knee and removed his meager 15 silver pieces and held them up to the man, shaking slightly....A huge smile broke the tension as the black skinned man at the forge, a not so young fighter, striving to be a weaponmaster for a while between adventures. Smiling he took the young mans money and said..."10 silver is a plenty sum, is this extra 5 my tip?"....Robert III felt a wave of relief sweep over him at the charity of that black skinned man, After exchanging thankyou's, the two D'Bruces turned to go when the man at the forge called out..."Robert, remember to treat her like a lady, and always to seek out the best masters possible to learn from"

Robert D'Bruce has never forgotten that strange day, and he did as he was bade.  He finished the hand tooled leather sheath he had been working on, and she slid in  perfectly. He worked at a shop in town for a whole year raising enough money to have an artist/sculptor teach him how to tool the hilt in the fashion of a beautiful woman and he continually sought out the finest masters of the blade and learned all he could, and when he was grown he got up the nerve to seek the ear of the Lord up in the Castle Kensington who did see him and bade him to leave his home and travel far to the east seeking out a place known as The Bloodstone Lands, and to seek out the Lord, the one called Svaern D'Rahng, and to tell him who sent him for it was he, his master said, who could train you in the fine art of warfare and swordsmanship. The Lord High Ahira even sent him with a bequest, a letter to the Lord of Bloodstone for Robert to deliver unto him at his arrival in bloodstone. The letter was sealed with  the Lord High Ahira's blood mixed with sealing wax.s Robert carried with him the very blood of his God with him! And true to his word to the man at the forge, Robert D'Bruce journeyed all the way to Bloodstone Pass and inquired about training in the Academy there. Imagine his surprise when he met his new Lord, The Lord of the lands stretching through both Damara as well as Vassa was none other than the Lord Svaern D'Rahng, the same black skinned man at the forge so many years ago. Svaern reaches out and lifts up Roberts chin, shutting his mouth, and smiles, well well, Robert D'Bruce, come to find the best to train under I presume?.......hahahahahahahahaha







The Bloodstone Lands
Ring of Steel

Robert D'Bruce

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 Robert D'Bruce
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