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The Lords of Bloodstone

Updated Last :  2-9-02

“The Lords of Bloodstone” is a 2e campaign based in and around the Bloodstone Pass area of Faerun. I have just registered on WebRPG for a year and so this camp IS GOING TO HAPPEN ..... I hope     lol ....

Some custom House rules are applied but are minor, and the characters are pre-made by me but customized by you.

All of the party will be a part of the Bloodstone Military that are mustered out on adventuring, guide services, enforcement and other interesting jobs while the region recovers from war. All are loyal to the Lord of Bloodstone who is the Commander in Chief...

Some of the elite kits designed for this Battlegroup will be sure to peak interest in most AD&D 2e regulars. So far the interesting ones are, Advance Scout, Combat Specialists, Priests of the Fist, D’Rahng War Wizards, Priests of the Flying Fist, all with an affinity for an upstart God of War that is TN and is set to balance the interests of TYR and TEMPUS both of whom are his patrons.  **Note   This is one of the customizations I have been using. Another interesting change is the addition of SOME of the neat 3e skills and possible use of limited tattoo power in the campaigns future, if the party gets there anyway  lol…..  More kits are being considered at this time including a Holy Warrior similar to a Paladin or a Crusader, and a Monk styled kit. If you have ideas I’m happy to try and get an idea flowing. Also, I am VERY interested in giving players access to as many NWP’s or Seminar Skills (my 2e way of using 3e feats) as they can handle without getting out of control.

My computer time has been limited by finances, repair and time constraints, so this camp is far over due, but keep watching and I hope to have the web page fleshed out soon.

(This site is in its infant stages and is growing daily)

 To Enter the Site hit the Globe at the bottom of the Page.

I hope to begin campaigning again in earnest sooner rather than later, but no way of knowing exactly when, I’ll try to be around and if you are interested you may contact me by e-mail at , This e-mail is mandatory. Be patient and I will return all e-mail and will try to answer questions. I hope to have a little run down on the current camp basics on the web page….

Please be patient with that as I don’t have loads of time to work on the web page  = )

            **Note**  Please include the basic type of char you want to be, if you want male or female, what is your favored stat, and if you have class/kit ideas I have not listed and that you are interested in.

Recruiting Suspended for now - Sorry, keep checking this page

  Icq is REQUIRED it is easy to get and its free!

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