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Combat Specialist



Combat Specialists

 All Fighters who want to join the elite troops in the D’Rahng Battle Group take this kit. The course covers the costs of training, weapons, armor and living expenses per man for the 2-year program. All prospective soldiers entering the Bloodstone army must take the screening.  If a man passes the screening agreements for training in exchange for

service to the D'Rahng Elite Battle Group for 5 years after completion of the course. If the man drops out of the course once he starts it with this arrangement he is obligated to serve in the regular army for House D'Rahng. As is customary throughout the Bloodstone leadership style, each man is paired with a higher-level man to be mentored by him. Every man in the D'Rahng Battle Group, whether fighter, priest, scout or mage has had a mentor and will be a mentor to a young recruit when their time comes.

(Makes for good NPCs)

There is very little erosion of men from the elite squads after their 5 year term as the comradery amongst the elites is exceptionally high, and their loyalty to Lord D'Rahng is complete.

 (Note: This kit cannot be self-taught. It may only be learned at an accredited institution of

Knowledge of which there are few. )(Kit is designed primarily for elite soldiers)

  The Intricacies of the Combat Specialist

 The Combat Specialist is highly specialized training with the body, mind, and weapon. A Combat Specialist's goal is to blend weapon and self into one whirling, deadly union- one lethal entity. He must be stronger, faster, and smarter than his opponent and have the skill and the will to persevere to attain victory. This highly specialized training can only be taught by a handful of men across the multi-verse, and is not come by easily. The screening of young prospective trainees is more than most men can handle, and therefore the academy is able to keep class size small and more one on one instruction can be offered. There are only six screenings done per year and of every hundred that begin the 30day screening process, only a class of  60/per 100 is seated.  The normal class size varies from 200 - 300 men, only 50/per 100 candidates will complete the necessary training to be marked as a member of the corps. Not everyone can stand the rigors of the training programs. To advance to graduation is a hallmark in a mans life, as he enters an exclusive club of men who have trained with him , bled with him and survived the most brutal training any military academy has ever had to offer.

 For this cost of blood, sweat, and tears, there is a benefit earned however;

For Courage, For Honor, For Valor

For Bloodstone  HoeYa!!

 Combat Specialists must be straight fighters, no subclass such as Paladin or Barbarian are able to become a combat specialist.. (The only exception is those priests of Ahira that take 4 levels of fighter training must take this kit, although this is modified somewhat) He will spend most of his free time practicing his weapons drills and maintaining his strength, mind, and endurance. Training of the mind’s control over ones body is practiced continually.  He will often be an elite soldier or mercenary, but also he may rarely be an adventurer (DM discretion encouraged as this is primarily a kit for soldiers) as long as there is enough fighting involved. 

A Combat Specialist can never multi-class, to do so would strip him of all the benefits the CS has attained.

 Weapon Proficiencies: Combat Specialists gain 4 slots which must be used to take a weapon and specialize in it, and Close Quarters Combat (2) and then 1 more WP at every 3 level

(CQC is designed to make the CS a lethal fighting machine even without his weapon in hand)           

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Combat Specialists gain 4 slots at 1st lvl and 1 every 3 lvls after

Bonus: Alertness, Combat Tactics, Endurance, 

Required: Danger Sense, Trail Hand, Cartography

Recommended: Weapons Lore, Armorer, Weaponsmith,

 Equipment: Combat Specialists gain their weapon armor, and all standard equipment during training and it is theirs to keep.

 After years of training their bodies and minds to the rigors of war and strategy in combat, the 6th level Combat Specialist gains +1 pnts to Con and +1 pnts to Int. He has become one with his weapon and so in addition to the basic plusses granted for Mastery, the Combat Specialist gains an additional +1 in both Hit Att. and Damage making them +4 +4 for hit and damage. The combat specialist is so skilled with his weapon that he can, as he enters combat, display his amazing level of skill. This causes all opponents who see the display to suffer a -2 initiative penalty for the first two rounds of combat.  Due to the blending of body, mind, and weapon, the Combat Specialist can use that knowledge to control his body in feints and shifts so greatly that a Combat Specialist gains a bonus of +2 to hit when feinting but the feint costs one attack itself.

 Due to the expanse of the location and the schools access to territory for training purposes the combat specialist does not incur a penalty or modifier due to unfamiliar terrain (within reason) For example the recruits near the end of his training will go to the outlands and to 1 or 2 other planes for survival training (they will not however train under the sea). Mountaineering is something the CS trains for. High up in the peaks and valleys of mighty mountain ranges around Bloodstone, the skill of the Combat Specialist can be seen with awe.  He climbs across terrain that even the hardiest ranger would find all but impossible to cross, exposing himself to cold that even the toughest frost barbarian would find bone chilling. The CS lives for the mountains and his skill at scaling the 'unscalable' cliffs and peaks of the mountain ranges is the stuff of legend. The fully trained Combat Specialist gains a +2 on the climbing charts (WSG & DSG) and can scale surfaces normally reserved for thieves

 (Note: This kit cannot be self-taught. It may only be learned at an accredited institution of knowledge of which there are few. In fact at this time there are only 2 in the prime world of Faerun)

 Special Hindrances:

So total is the combat specialist's devotion to his weapon, mind, and body, he cannot become proficient with any other weapon. The combat specialist must train daily for his entire career. This training should be a set daily routine that the Combat Specialist formulates with his instructors during his initial training, fine tunes over time, and should include:

  • Physical strength and endurance training to constantly test perseverance

  • Meditation for self awareness training and strengthening his mind

  • Weapon practice to maintain and exceed excellence with his weapon

 As the CS gains higher levels he should endeavor to add increasing difficulty to his daily routine. He should always be ready and willing to take on more skills and seminars aimed at increasing his ability as a deadly weapon.  Finally the combat specialist is expected to return to the school that taught him and donate 2 years minimum as an instructor when he reaches 12th and the 18th  levels.

(Of course they may return to instruct at anytime during their career that they wish)

 The Close Quarters Combat Style is described below


Close Quarters Combat (CQC) 

Close Quarters Combat base unarmed attack with hands or feet (soft boots only) is    2d4 +2/LvL  (add Str. bonuses)   # Att. is 5/3  (Attack vs Lg is 1d4 +2 per LvL)

Combat Specialists are well trained in the art of self-defense. Many of their attacks are more effective when their opponents’ initiate the blow, for the combat specialist is able to redirect the force of impact and use an opponent's weight against itself. During CQC only the combat specialist gains a bonus to hit attempts when they loose their initiative and the opponent misses. He also gains 1 attack of opportunity usually opting for a nerve strike or perhaps a strike with his preferred weapon..

This bonus is +1 per four levels of experience starting at 5th (i.e. +2 at ninth level) up to a maximum of +3 at level 12. This is accomplished by exploiting the momentum of the attacker as the combat specialist redirects it.

Nerve Strike

The Combat Specialist spends much time learning the human body, how it works, how it hurts, how it reacts against certain well placed pin-point strikes delivered most often by just one finger strike. They call it a nerve strike, and anyone who has felt even the lightest touch on one of these anatomical points will swear it felt as though a dagger were thrust inside them and were all but helpless to defend against it. The Combat Specialist can at 2nd level, perform a nerve strike upon an unarmored opponent causing 1d8+1/LvL of pain damage, not permanent, but the victim is helpless to do anything but move with the CS as he wills for 1d4 +1/level # of rounds. A successful strength roll BB/LG to escape but will be in pain for the entire duration. While enduring the pain of a successful nerve strike, the victim suffers from acute nausea and numbness in the affected area(s), and an inability to perform any but the simplest acts, as in crawling away. A CS must be at least level 6 to be able to find a ready area through light to medium armor (up to light chain / no helm or shield) and a CS must be at least 12th level to even try to gain access to an opponent wearing plate or better (dex –2).

***NOTE*** The CS may attempt to learn the anatomy of other creatures he studies.  (per DM agreement) so as to apply a nerve strike upon that body type.

Rear Kill

The rear kill attack can be performed if a successful holding attack is made in rnd 1 and the victim doesn't break free. If during the second rnd the CS is still in control of the victim and another successful attack is rolled, victims neck is snapped and he takes damage as one max unarmed attack plus all bonuses, and there is a 3% chance per level of the CS that the victim dies. For each rnd thereafter until the victim breaks the hold or the CS breaks the neck the dam is max unarmed dam + str bonus 

***Note*** A man in full metal armor such as banded mail or plate mail cannot

have his neck snapped in such a manner. However if the maneuver is successful he will take damage from it, but not max, the damage must be rolled each time.

***Note*** This attack affects only creatures with a spinal cord and neck






Hit Points

Level Title

















 Coordinated Attack






Heal Self I






 Advance Tactical Coordination






Power Fist






Fast-draw/ Iaijutsu




General Expert






Master Expert


Heal Self II






Tornado Kick




Master Swordsman


Seminar Skill - Elective




True Swordsman



12 +


+3 / Level

Training for Greatmaster


Continued Skills learned




Meditation is taught to EVERY recruit whether they be fighters, mages, scouts or priests, at 1st level. This ability allows the student to enter a mental state in which he can focus and regain his energies. For each hour the character spends in uninterrupted meditation, he gets as much rest as two hours of sleep. While meditating, the character is oblivious to hunger, thirst, heat, and cold.


Special Skills Learned per/LvL


A:   Coordinated Attack: This skill is only effective when two fighters know it. The fighters must be in adjacent hexes (back-to-back, side-by-side). Each fighter can then attempt a skill check. If both are successful, they may share opponents; this usually implies that they are slowly rotating back to back. The end result is that they can distribute their defenses and attacks. They receive a –1 AC bonus and a +1 to hit because their opponents have no idea who going to attack from which angle. It is even possible for one fighter to parry a blow aimed at the other fighter

B:    Heal Self  I:

  This ability allows the CS to Heal himself by 1d4+1  1 time per day.

             At 8th level this skill may be done 2 times per day.



C:    Advance Tactical Coordination: 

            Advance Tactical Coordination is a detailed assessment of any upcoming conflict in which the character can hold a party meeting in relative silence prior to an expected battle to come. The character, because of his/her knowledge of strategy, can enable his/her side to add +1 to their attack rolls for the duration of a battle. This bonus applies only if all the following conditions are met: 1) The character has had a chance to survey the area and map it. (must have cartography prof) and  2) The character holds a strategy meeting with all who hope to gain the +1 bonus. 3) All members of the character’s side who are to gain the bonus MUST successfully make an Intelligence check that has been modified by the difficulty of the instructions and changes in the terrain. (This is secretly modified by the DM) Those who fail do not gain the bonus, AND they run the risk of destroying another team member's bonus during battle (again, secretly rolled by the DM). If these conditions are met, the character’s side gains the bonus. If any part is left out or ignored, the bonus is negated.

 D:    Power Fist:

  The Power Fist is an off-hand punch with a mysterious force behind it.  ONLY a follower of Ahira can call forth a blast of force  in the shape of a fist that automatically hits for 3d4+1 per/level  1xday 

 E:     Fast-draw/ Iaijutsu

The Fast-draw proficiency allows a character to draw a weapon and use it in that round. A failed roll means that they fumble the weapon and cannot use the weapon until the next round. They also automatically lose initiative.

  ** Iaijutsu allows a warrior to unsheathe with startling speed.  A successful check means the warrior suffers no delay in terms of game rounds when removing or returning his weapon from and to its scabbard. [Adapted from Dragon Magazine Issue 257]

 F:   Feint:

  The CS is so gifted in his swordplay that he begins an attack in one direction and at the last moment changes it to another direction. Or he begins an attack but does not follow through, in order to draw his opponent off balance or make the opponent commit to a futile defense. The CS makes a regular attack but adds the feint, WHICH DOES NOT COSTS AN EXTRA ATTACK THIS TIME, and gives him a +3 to hit and damage. This may be used but 1 x/day and then 2x/day at 12th Level.

 G:   Heal Self  II :

   This ability allows the CS to Heal himself by 2d4+3 /1 time per day.

  H:  Tornado Kick: This is a coordinated attack using both the feet and the sword. A Tornado Crescent kick is pretty much like it sounds, the character jumps up as he is in the start of a spin, the first kick hits immediately while the body completes the spin finishing with the second kick while still in the air. The blade comes down hard as the character lands, bringing with it the momentum of the spilling kick and so does an additional 1d4 pnts of damage after all damage factors are added. The kicks each are at an additional +1 to attack due to the surprising nature of the maneuver and causes 3d4+2/lvl add in str bonus too. This maneuver may be the only attack the Combat Specialist can do in a single round.

 I:   Seminar Skill - Elective


J:    Speed:

    The Combat Specialist has developed lightning-fast reflexes and powerful muscles. Once per day, the character can make a Dexterity check. For every four points by which he makes the roll (round fractions up), he receives one extra attack, which may be used with weapons or martial arts. Such extra attacks last one full battle/1xday. This special maneuver is difficult and tiring - once the battle is done, the CS must rest one turn per extra attack he has made, or be reduced to half his normal movement until he is able to rest.

((The CS cannot be wearing armor heavier than elfin chain in order to gain this ability.))

 At 16th level the CS may call upon this ability 2 times per day, but never back to back without proper rest time spent.


Weapons Mastery

There is an immense gulf separating those who know how to wield weapons with skill and accuracy and those who can call themselves masters of a weapon.  In most instances a warrior will never become a true master, though he may be very skilled with his weapons.  There are many levels of weapon mastery a warrior must pass through in order to totally master his weapon.  Woe unto him that is on the receiving end of the masters attacks, for they shall come with greater speed, ferocity, and accuracy than any others.

 As a warrior progresses through each level of mastery more options open to him.  Eventually he will be able to make several attacks in each round with greater accuracy and more damage.  In addition he will learn to parry the attacks of other fighters.

 At each level, in pursuit of mastery, the CS must take the time to find another of his class having already attained the higher level and test for him, any failure will result in a year of increased training while on the road or 6 months of training within a school or with a CS of appropriate skill. With the exception of proficient and corrival there are level restrictions to weapon mastery. A 1st level warrior just cannot become a master with a weapon, that requires both training and experience, and a great deal of time.



 Recommended Traits: Alertness, Light Sleeper, Obscure Knowledge: Warfare




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