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The Camp


The camp starts out as you are all in The Bloodstone military and have been trained in their elite combatants Academes, in one skill or another. The full contingent of permanent Bloodstone Elites, as they are sometimes called, the Battlegroup Elites are a full 2500 strong, and the regular Bloodstone Army adds another 2000 men with at least a 3500 man militia from all the surrounding and allied lands waiting to be called up at a moments notice; Svaern has seen to that and has also kept the local militias up to date with training provided by the standing army’s best, the Bloodstone Elites of course…. That; would be you…  In peacetime, which it is now, the Lord of Bloodstone, and your boss BTW; Svaern D'Rahng keeps his soldiers freshly trained and on a rotating schedule of Garrison work (no fun), or training, or adventuring parties, or guides or problem solvers or  "The MUSCLE” when needed.... these early steps will lead you into a massive, complex campaign as the group matures and I expect you to retire these chars at 20+ LvL.

 The Rules

 General Rules




 ** Spell casters**          



 Cure Light Wounds:

A soft white light glows from his hands, as the arcane energies from the spell fill in his hands up to his fingertips.  Moving carefully, his hand over the wounds, the ghostly white arcane flames leap from his hand to the wounds.  As the white flames burn within the wounds a slight pungent odor can be smelled, as the flame seems to eat away at the infections within the wounds, in seconds the affected area begins to heal as the flame starts to fade away.



He begins to chant in a low cadence, as his voice grows louder his body seems to go taunt, as every muscle in his body begins to contract.  As the muscles get tighter and tighter, its almost as if they are growing larger by the second.  Finally as the chanting comes to an end and, just at the muscles look to be ready to rip though the skin itself, the stress and strain on all the muscles subside, but the muscles do not recede.

 Above Quotes are from a current camp member, stolen by his DM   lol  sorry!

 **Fighter Types** 

Those of you making your living by your sword arm need to pay attention to the mandates of the Spell Casters described above. You are expected to describe your attack in detail and flair as well. I will not accept        “Rath strikes at the monster”, roll, roll, “Hit! Dam 4 hps”   BTW is it dead yet DM ?…………………..grrrrrrr   NOT!

 This is what I expect, as an example for fighters:   Here are Some Great Examples     ~~ READ THIS~~   magnificent melee!!! ~~ READ THIS~~

 (Gerard is getting into battle with a Black Knight, a nasty mercenary group)

           Gerard circles his adversary cautiously, poking at him, jabbing, a flick of his wrist sends his blade toward the merc. Gerard tries to read the man; he eyes his stance and his aggression, attempting to get the jump on him.      

           Gerard wins init over the Dark Knight Mercenary….

           Gerard thrusts his long sword in and to the right, trying to strike a hit, while keeping his opponent from building up a solid offensive.


Gerard sidesteps to his left and feints an attack low, as his opponent reacts to his feint, Gerard spins quickly, bringing the blade up quickly into its chest and taking up a position on the flank side, setting up for his next maneuver.


 Scouts MOST especially must role-play their action while scouting, the way that this is taken place will DIRECTLY impact the quality of information that your party will have when finally attacking.


DM's Policy:

         It is my policy to allow players to use the PHB, the TOM (Tome of Magic), and the individual handbooks for your class, of which many things cannot apply due to your already elite status. But I will allow spells from the Wizard’s Handbook and spells from the Ninja Handbook for scout use, if approved by ME FIRST and taking into the equation the fact that you must learn it from somewhere. I really don’t use too much of the three Player’s Option Rulebooks. However, that said, I do convert some of the material in those books such as, the specialization rules up to and including Grand Mastery. I only allow a straight fighter to advance as far as Grand Mastery, and then only after the required exp level’s attained and working with a trainer. I do allow some non-fighter groups to specialize as per an individual kit; these chars may not rise above mastery, and must have applied at least 1 more slot (see individual kits) than a straight fighter must have.

It is always been my policy that clerics or as in this case, specialty priests, must pray for the spells they wish for the day during each morning’s or evening’s meditation period.

         You will have the advantage of a fully compiled list of NWP's, built from the NWP's from ALL the handbooks, rules books, net books (where applicable) 

            I will be allowing you to take certain "Seminars" ( which is just another name for class skills or feats) These will be made available for you to during your down time, you can take as many "Seminars" as are offered and that you can afford, oh yeah, they aren't free  =)....and if you already have the pre-requisite skill needed to be able to learn the skill. Now, that said, these are NOT actually FEATS as in the full sense of 3e rules but are similar to them, and I like the idea enough to give it a try...I think you will be able to round out your character with some abilities that maybe would not have been available to you in the past. When you think of Bloodstone Pass, rather than the whole of the Bloodstone Lands, which run from fully from south of the river in Vassa, through the Vaasan Gate and going through Bloodstone Pass and through into most all of Damara except where in the south Dimian Rea still clings to some hope of taking Svaern's place of power. Back to my Point  lol  I want you to consider The Bloodstone Pass, inside the  Great  Twin  Gates as one big training facility, which is pretty much what it is. It is teeming of soldiers on work ranging from Academy Duty, Garrison Duty, Mining Detail, Guide Services, Adventuring Parties and Diplomatic Body Guards or Diplomatic Envoys themselves when necessary. Your group has been set up to be the all around party, an experiment of melding classes and kits and just as your luck would have it, you have no one to answer to except to the Lord Svaern himself, ....aren't you lucky!!    adieu